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The Story Behind the Vision

Our Inspiration

The inspiration for starting CCMT is very special and personal to me.  After the death of my brother, I found myself in a crazy space.  As I walked through that time and processed all of the negative emotions and pain, I eventually gained my strength, and things became “Chrystal Clear” to me.  I began to see what I was purposed to do and be and I realized that time wasn’t waiting on anyone.  


CCMT is the physical expression of how I used the negative energy of losing my brother positively, to fuel my leap of faith. Although it was difficult, I chose to embrace the truth, I had the ability to not just assist in my own healing but I was blessed to assist in the healing process for others through what God had placed in my hands. I accept that my hands are anointed and special. And I realize that with gifts like this, I can’t keep it to myself. I have to share it! And I want to share it with you!



Our mission is to provide a comprehensive treatment plan, customized to the individual and their needs, which will facilitate physical mobility, mental clarity and an overall increase to their quality of life.



Located in the beautiful Accokeek area, CCMT specializes in first-class treatments. Our aim is to nurture and relax each of our guests with individualized and innovative therapeutic techniques.  We use a unique approach, we have combined both  Massage and Occupational Therapy approaches to meet the needs of our clients.  As an occupational therapist for over 8 years, I was already incorporating massage into my sessions with my geriatric clients. I realized early in my career that although massage therapy and occupational therapy are very intertwined, they are often separated in this field.   I didn’t want that for our clients.  So, I decided that instead of only providing one or the other, my clients should have the opportunity to have the whole experience to achieve optimum health and wholeness. Here at CCMT, we believe in “Focused Motion in Purpose” to heal the body, mind, and spirit.” We accomplish this through various massage and therapeutic techniques and comprehensive treatment plans which encourage fluid motion in the body and are purposed to increase overall health and quality of life. We create a safe place for healing to occur. Start your journey with us today.

Face Massage
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